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The Hot Dogs at The Half Shell

No Comments30 September 10:40

The Hot Dogs at The Half Shell are the best you’ll find anywhere. The   lean, perfectly seasoned dog is prepared in a steamer so that the wiener   doesn’t absorb any grease or fat at the same time keeping its flavor and   moistness. These great tasting dogs are served on a warm steamed bun   and can be ordered “Naked” or topped with your favorite toppings. Some   of these toppings are  our Famous Homemade Chili, Kraut, Relish,   Cheese, Jalapenoes,, etc. They offer several specialty dogs such as a   Chicago, New York, Tex Mex or Stew Dog and Wiked Pimento Dog.     However they are best known for their House Specialty- The Half Shell   Dog. It’s served topped with Cheese, Homemade Slaw and their Famous Chili.

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